About us


A brand created from women for women - it's a thing of the past! Chiara Wear is a new, better face of Chiara Poland. Fashion from people for people!

In the 4th year of our operation, we took great steps that changed the perception of Chiara on the market, which we presented with a new logo. The "W" symbolizes the new version and the brand name. "IV" is a symbol of our experience in what we do and who we are. 

For years, we have been guided by the know-how in the field of fashion trends, the secret of tailoring, but most of all the needs of our customers - and it was you who put the mark on and!


The new Chiara is a brand for everyone. We go beyond gender, size and country. When creating new collections, we put you first. We want to help people in what we do best - that is, producing clothing for everyone. Clothing in which everyone will feel comfortable and attractive - both in their body and spirit.

Our mission is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development.

Collections with the Chiara Wear tag are made with care for people and the environment. All materials that we use for production are certified (OEKO-TEX Standard 100, GOTS). We try to use recycled materials or the least environmentally friendly materials. That is why in our latest collections you will find materials such as bamboo, hemp or recycled cotton, and in gift packages, which we make from leftover materials.

Chiara Wear is a brand 100% made in Poland. We are a local company from Silesia, we cooperate with small manufactories and sewing rooms from all over the country. Everyone who makes up Chiara Wear is employed on fair terms and works for adequate remuneration. Each of our collections is made with heart and head!


Chiara Wear is a universal product for men and women. Our collections are capsule type, so you can combine clothes from different drops, exchange with your partner and always look good. You can wear our products for work, school or bar. Clothes with the Chiara Wear label are a symbol of timelessness, versatility and safety.