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You want to take care of your store and be able to offer your customers a wide selection fashionable, comfortable and modern clothes? Our offer is not only a shop, but also the production of outfits designed by us. The Polish wholesaler of women's clothing will allow your stores - both small, local and fashionable boutiques - to take care of the best-quality assortment and create a wide range of proposals for their customers!


Manufacturer of women's clothing

Why is it worth establishing cooperation with Chiara Poland? We design our clothes in accordance with the latest trends, using the offer of trusted fabric manufacturers and companies that allow dyeing, printing and other modification of materials. Thanks to this, our designers are not limited in any way by the lack of materials or accessories - it is possible to create exactly the clothes that were created in the designer's imagination!

However, we could not create any textiles if not large and modern sewing roomin which highly qualified employees work. This is where paper designs become tangible products that will allow everyone to create an unforgettable style. We use the most modern machinery in which we precisely and permanently stitch the materials to create dresses, jackets, sweaters, skirts and sets. Our warehouse is the perfect solution for every store!


Polish wholesaler of women's clothing

Our offer of women's clothes will allow you to supplement the assortment of your store with new, beautiful and fashionable proposals. If you plan to create a new store, both stationary and online, our products will allow you to fill virtual (or real) shelves. Your new customers will surely appreciate the fact that, despite your short internship, you offer beautiful, proven, fashionable and branded solutions from Poland and will be happy to start using your services!


Polish clothes wholesaler from Katowice

High quality is not all that we have to offer as a manufacturer. The wide range of wholesalers also draws attention! The best advertisement should be that thanks to our women's clothing, each of your clients will be able to dress from head to toe - regardless of the season. Our assortment 100% made in Poland It will be perfect as the basis for your store - we guarantee a diverse range and lots of delighted customers.

Our wholesale women's clothing offers a wide range of branded products from Poland. Today, take care of the most diverse supply of your store and get new, devoted customers - we invite you to cooperate!