....or maybe you want us to create such a production for you? You've come to the right place!

We invite boutique owners, clothing companies, designers and other people who want to design their own clothing collection. Our clothing sewing room is a fully professional service, performed by real specialists. We are limited only by our own imagination. We make everything from complex poledance products to winter jackets!


Sewing clothes to order

To meet your expectations, we give you the opportunity to design your own model, which we will make according to your expectations! We guarantee:

  • complete confidentiality of the project
  • support in the selection of materials and help with construction based on our "know how"
  • high quality fabrics, knitted fabrics and attractive prices
  • fast production and implementation times as well as the highest quality of workmanship on the market

The model is sold exclusively - you will become its exclusive distributor. However, if you do not need a completely new pattern, and would like to receive our product in a slightly different color version, size or material - please contact us! We will sew the product according to your expectations! Thanks to this, designing clothes and clothing will become pure pleasure.

How can the personalization of clothing in your boutique look like?

  • personalized inscription (embroidery)
  • sewing from a different material
  • stitching in a different color
  • clothing with your own logo on the label
  • gradation of sizes
  • interference in the design


Polish sewing room - quality guarantee

Have another idea? Contact us - we are for you, we are not afraid of challenges! Sewing shops in Poland have been enjoying recognition and high quality of services for years. What sets us apart from other sewing companies is our commitment. Designing clothes is our passion - we dynamically respond to market needs and we provide the highest quality products that will delight your customers. We operate throughout the country, write to us and learn more.

Contact info: 


Tel.: 723 743 062