Adjust the size to yourself!

We are a clothing manufacturer with our own tailoring workshop. Thanks to our own workshop, we are able to adjust our clothes to your needs.

Do you need individual changes or changes to our assortment? Contact us:

  • by phone: 796752039
  • by e-mail: in the title "TAIMER SERVICES"

Or type in NOTES in your order, the selected option, e.g. SHORTENING TROUSERS by 10 cm. 

Service Fee will be added to the COD package or can be paid by bank transfer to the following account:

Sarah Tomiczek

21 1050 1373 1000 0091 3752 1598

ING Bank Śląski


Discover the offer of our tailoring services along with the price list:


Shortening trousers - PLN 10
Shortening sweatpants and knitwear - PLN 10
Shortening jeans while preserving the factory hem - PLN 15


Shortening the skirt - PLN 10
Tapering the skirt - PLN 15-20
Shortening the dress - PLN 10
Narrowing the dress - PLN 15-20 


Shortening shirt sleeves while keeping the cuffs - PLN 18
Shortening the sleeves of the shirt without keeping the cuffs - PLN 12
Shortening / adjusting a shirt, blouse - PLN 15
Shortening of knitted blouses - PLN 10
Narrowing of knitted blouses - PLN 12